Bmark offers various digital marketing services that help you reach your business goals. Taking a strategical and analytical approach to our services, we deliver successful campaign outcomes, consistently exceeding expectations.

We have an exceptional in-house team for every service we provide. From establishing a brand to building its value and reaching the target audience, our professionals are ready to assist you in every step.

You can opt for any service you find challenging to handle on your own, purchase a complete package of all our services, and assign your business to professionals in safe hands.

Branding and Media

Branding & Media

Branding is all about making loyal customers. Customers come back every time and because of the product quality and services you provide. The more you engage with your customers, the more loyal they become.

From an unknown business to becoming a recognizable brand is what our mission is. When it turns into a Brand, people can relate to it and connects with it emotionally. You turn into an emotional rather than just a business selling a product. You tend to gain customers who come and attach themselves to your brand. At Bmark, we take you to the height where you no longer remain a product seller but are created into a brand that touches hearts.

At Bmark, we have created and developed many brands with our successful branding and media campaigns. We have a team of branding professionals who will help you establish your brand from scratch and take you to the heights you always dreamt of.

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Social Media Management

Social Media Management

Social media is a platform where a brand can directly communicate with its customers and build a healthy and trustworthy relationship. In this digital era, a brand’s presence on social media is not optional anymore; instead, it’s obligatory. It’s an important two-way communication between a brand and its target audience, for conveying your story and growing as a brand.

Creating brand face value in the digital world is not an easy task. Nearly three million businesses are advertising actively on Facebook alone. Creating your value amongst them is a bit challenging job. You can’t always be online and manage content, promotions, and campaigns. It is a diverse platform, and controlling every social media account, every post, and engagement is a big deal to handle. This is where Bmark plays a significant role in your social media management.

Since it’s one-on-one communication with the customers, handling critique is the most challenging task, and our team is exceptionally professional in handling all kinds of customers. One wrong step can also devalue a brand as it’s a platform that builds a brand’s face value.

We have a squad of experts who take this social media journey swiftly, build your brand awareness, and establish it humanely so your customers can connect their emotions and find themselves as a part of you.

Our Social media strategy campaigns are designed for any phase a customer goes through, from awareness to conversion. We engage the audience through storytelling, the most popular formula for customer interaction. Since we handle all your social media handles, we know the art of tailoring content according to the media platform we utilize. We keep our team updated with the new market trends to connect with potential consumers effortlessly.

Our social media strategies will complement your marketing goals; from branding to generating leads and revenue, we will provide you with promising results.

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Social Media Advertising

Social Media Advertising

Social networking reaches the target audience organically without any paid ads or content. We target your potential audience and deliver custom-based content by leveraging different data sources, like demographics.

One cannot reach all the target audience organically, be it new or repeated customers. Social media advertising helps to quickly acquire new target markets that might be problem aware but unaware of a brand’s existence. These ads are a cost-effective means of promoting a brand with high rates of returns.

Reaching through social channels to the audience is a challenge, and social advertisement can be made effective by personalizing the content. Different types of ads are designed to reach the different mindsets of people in the same target market.

Ads are designed differently for different types of people; image ads, video ads, and story ads. Our social advertisement strategy covers all of these ads to target potential customers and reach new customers to make them the converting ones.

We dive deep into market research, analytical data, customer profiles, and buying behaviors to design and launch any campaign. Keeping in mind the brand we are promoting and the insights we gathered, we create a compelling and creative approach that powers every element of the campaign.

To summarize our explanation of how we handle social media advertisements, storytelling method, video production, creative designing, and social media analytics to reach your target audience. We aim to convert these target audiences into potential customers that keep returning, create an attachment with your brand, and target the new market to bring in new consumers and grow our brand awareness.

Our mission is to give our clients the highest returns regarding brand awareness, customers, increased sales, and profits.

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Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is done for businesses to improve the quality and quantity of the traffic to their website through search engines like google. It increases your site’s visibility to the searchers when they search for a product or service with a keyword.

There are about 50 billion web pages on Google alone, and your website is one of them. SEO plays a role in making your website visible on these 50 billion pages. The website needs a constant need of improvement in its programming and content.

We perform On-site and Off-site SEO for our clients. On-site SEO includes optimizing your website’s components like content, keywords, site accessibility, and page speed, affecting your website ranking. In comparison, off-site SEO focuses on your domain authority by fetching links from different websites. This means your site Is more optimized when shared on external links, such as sharing it on social media handles.

We at Bmark are inclined toward providing your business with the platforms and strategies to make it visible, reach more people, and grow your business.

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Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click

Pay per click, also known as PPC, is a model of digital marketing in which advertisers pay an amount each time their ad is clicked. It’s a way of generating paid traffic mainly through advertising on search engines.

Digital marketing is streamlining, and companies are now looking for a fast and effective way of converting high-end customers. This is possible by optimizing your site and using pay per click method. This might charge you $2 for a click, but using persuasion techniques, this $2 customer will give you $200 in sales. Isn’t it a profitable deal?

Reach out to us as we have experts in our agency who will optimize your site at its best and benefit you with high converting customers that shoot your sales.

Web Design & Development

Bmark is full of potential candidates that excel in their respective fields. We have a creative team dedicated to web designing and its Development to provide our clients with high-end, professional, user-friendly websites.

The website is the interface of your business where you display your product and services. It’s the first impression on your customers, so we provide personalized websites according to your business requirements.

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Video Production

Video Production

Video storytelling is the most reliable way of attracting customers who instantly connect with your brand.

At Bmark, we carefully handle the video production area by working closely with our clients and producing content that directly targets their customers and emotionally attaches them to the brand. These engaging videos result in creating the highest converting customers.

We produce videos that take the audience through a customer experience, allowing them to feel your brand. In our video storytelling content, we share your brand’s value, products, services, and work that you have collaborated into. These videos directly target your potential audience, educate them about your services or products, and persuade them to buy.

Our videos include; storytelling, live events coverage, commercials, and motion graphics. These videos will increase your audience, make you visible, and get people to talk about you.

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